Friday, March 30, 2012


 I am always looking for small scenarios that can be played in an hour or less and that can be used to teach newbies the nuances of the game. There are several available from various blogs. Of note is and and , my favorite . I thought I'd try my hand at such a scenario and the result was 6 scenarios that can be played on a 2 ft. x 2 ft. table with a minimum of figures. All 6 scenarios use the same forces and we have played them out several times, taking about an hour/scenario.
Please let me know what you think and what your experience was.
The forces for all the scenarios are the same: 32.5 pts ea.

The defender (VETERAN) occupies squares D and C and starts hidden. He places troops first.
Platoon w/supports
1 sniper
1 PC (+1)
3 Rifle Sqds
1 Small Mortar (50mm, 60mm, etc.) 12FM
1 80MM  (or equivalent)Mortar off table with 12 FM and FO
1 minefield

The attacker (REGULARS) occupies  the “bottom” or southern 6” of squares A and B. Only units starting in buildings are hidden – none are “dug-in”. Places troops second and has initiative.

1 Small Mortar (50mm, 60mm, etc.) 12FM
1 120 MM Mortar (or equivalent) off table with 10 FM and FO
1 Engineer stand
2 Platoons ea. w/
          1 PC (+1)
          3 Rifle Sqds

NOTE: In “the woods “scenario, both attacker and defender start hidden, not “dug-in”.

Mortars: 1/3 of the FM can be smoke rounds.

Blds/Bunkers hold 2 stands not including commanders or FOs.
All terrain is “In Season” thus breaks LOS.

Victory Conditions: (Must hold for two initiatives)
THE FARM:  Attacker takes farm house.
THE CROSSROADS: Attacker must occupy house and hedge area.
THE RIVER:    Attacker gets the majority of his force into the bldg and right-hand woods. The river is a “linear obstacle”, but fordable.
THE TOWN:   Attacker clears or occupies 3 of the bldgs in D and C.
THE HILL:       Occupy the hill
THE WOODS: Find and destroy the enemy.