Monday, August 25, 2014

I recently created some 2' x 2' game boards for playing out the six 2' x 2' mini Cross Fire scenarios (see the next blog entry) at conventions to spread the word about Cross Fire. There are actually only 3 boards-6 players and 3 games being about the most a single umpire can handle when teaching  novices to a particular rule set.  An extra road segment and a river allow an additional two maps to be played, while the 3rd additional board just adds a hill. The original 3 tables are shown below.


As mentioned, the next three boards are made from the first three.



  1. Hi there

    Returning to war-gaming and wanting to try Crossfire I search for novice scenarios and came across these posts , thanks for sharing your ideas. I can see that if I made these from 1 x 1 boards [ 2" polystyrene ] it could be very compact and easily portable ? So I envisage 4 boards all flocked blank on one side and the other side being _ The Farm A & D with the road running up the right hand edge. Then The Crossroads D & C with this combination you can make 4 of the scenarios using a building and a felt field you can cover the top part of the cross roads and make board The Town D and with a felt river and simple bridge The River A & B can also be made. I hope to also make a box 4" deep and 1 x 1 to house all the scenery and figures making the whole thing portable in a 1 x 1 x 1 cube.2 more boards with some sea and a beach and dirt road to meet the cross roads could add some more variations ?

    regards Paul

    ps still basing figures however least I don't need so many now I have found this idea !