Monday, April 13, 2015


 I have noticed several views by local gamers (I assume) - Milton, Raynham, etc. Why not contact me at and join us for a game on some Thursday night? Be sure to list a subject on your e-mail as I don't open e-mails eithout a subject line.
Dick Bryant


  1. Dick - I'd love to drop by for a game...just the Pond in the way! I have been looking at the Korean War because a 54mm figure maker has brought out some PLA figures which I am very taken with and I'm looking at adding some to my TODD-Squad (own club rules set, think Bolt Action) forces.

    I have grabbed all the info you have posted here - anything else you could add about unit organisations etc which might help me?

    All the best from Deepest Derbyshire (will you ever get over here? The offer still stands)

    Mike B

  2. Great to hear from you Blake. Everything I have about The Korean War is geared to Cross Fire rules and is on this Blog. There are several historical sites on line that have very detailed descriptions of most of the battles. Just remember in Korea there are only two directions: Up and Down. Hope to see you at US convention one of these days.